Friday, February 13, 2009


Alicia and I are just not the kind of people to toot our own horns, that may sound like false modesty blah blah but we just don't do it that much.  But hey since it's not really about us and it's about our amazingly advanced children LOL I decided it was time to do it.   We've had some proud parent moments and I figure the kids deserve some limelight in the glow of the blogosphere. 

Starting from Oldest to Youngest

Geography Queen
McKenna and her team in her "special" class at school engaged in a geography challenge at the beginning of the year over which they were to research various major American landmarks and writing information up about them.  They received points for the quality and quantity of their geographic notes and her team won first place, so nanny nanny to the rest of the brainiacs (tongue sticking out now), "My brainiac can beat yours at geography"(bumper sticker)

Pinewood Derby Domination
There comes a time in every Boy Scout Dad's life that he must buckle down and engage in the nightmarish endeavor of the dreaded derby, Pinewood Derby that is.   The only stated rules in this year's derby were to only use the components that came in the box (no aftermarket axles, wood blocks, or wheels).  I asked Zane to start this process by drawing a car design using the rough dimensions of the wood block.  .... Zane's first design had something like a helicopter rotor assembly in it to give it lift and boost, he was not happy when I kindly reminded him of the rules and the fact the design was impossible to build (imagine angry and upset Zane here).  The next design had a gigantic fin on it, again a joyous opportunity for me to burst his bubble.  My next strategy was to show him pictures of cars on the internet that were remotely feasible for us, that paid off, he picked a Pontiac Firebird design.  We went to my Uncle Gary's wood shop nearby and he cut the block, Zane sanded it and we were on our way.  

We found some cool stuff at Hobby Lobby in their "Pinewood Car" section which put me out another thirty bucks, a body "sticker" type thing for those too lazy to spend any time on painting it which worked out good for us (after my first attempt to put it on I got to spend another seven bucks on a new sticker which went on nicely).  We glued cool looking weights on, a motor, exhaust pipes, and a tail fin.  

Zane won 2nd place overall, his car performed amazingly well since I had no clue what I was doing when polishing the axles(that came in the box mind you) and sanding the wheels.  I really hate nailing the axels in, one was messed up but hey, it worked and apparently pretty well. Congratulations Zane, one down, 11 to go (4 boys X 3 pinewood derby's). 

Aidan's Counting Conquest and Radical Reading
Aidan succeeded in counting all the way to 100 getting him into the "100's club" in his Kindergarten class and within a week or so he was also in the sight words club which indicates he can read some words like "you, my, me, and antidisestablishmentarianism" by sight. He got a green turtle for the sight reading club and some other animal for the 100's, he was very excited. 

Tate, hmmm, where to begin, maybe Tater's Terrible Twos?
Tate continues his really rockin fascination for Guitar Hero, he finds anything that works to replicate a musical instrument in structure or sound and gets down.  His favorite guitar is the hairbrush.  
Tate Complete with Air Guitar and Funky Hat

Tate's Lasceration
Split it wide open right next to his eyelid, luckily no stitches (or at least we figured he didn't need them so he didn't get them)