Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter Six Party of the Decade

McKenna has spent the last year planning a small HP 6 opening night party. She practically had a heart attack when they moved it back from opening in November to this summer. I think she takes after her dad who loves to plan trips and parties, ironically he's a project manager but doesn't love that kind of planning that much anymore. Anyhow, planning parties is awesome and McKenna blew my mind with all the detail she put into her party, she didn't miss a beat.

Welcome to Hogwarts Jones Campus

Gimme my sorting hat back you muggle

The chef for the night


The Sorting Hat Ceremony, complete with fake-o sorting hat voice by Dad

Potions Class
Honeydukes Candy Store

McKenna made all of the stickers, posters, and bags etc for this party, some Berti Botts Beans above

The Knight Bus

Making some pygmy puffs
Finally, in the theater, we got the bar row, all that waiting paid off and nobody fell asleep during the movie