Monday, October 6, 2008

Aaron's First Triathlon - Rocky Point Sandy Beach Sprint Triathlon

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We all went down to Rocky Point, Mexico this past weekend on October 2 through the 4th to experience Aaron's first triathlon. Sadly Alicia could not participate in it with him like they had originally planned so instead we made a nice family vacation out of it. This was supposed to be the first Annual Asquared Triathlon BUT we'll wait for next year when Alicia's not toting a little kid around in her tummy.

How did we get to this tragic point?

Aaron saw a shadow under one of his "pecks", when that happens you realize that "the bro" or "manzier" is not the answer, rather a major man mastectomy OR better yet get fit and lose that flab. Alicia and Aaron decided to do a triathlon in order to set a goal that would be more challenging than just losing weight and something we could look forward to. Why the heck did we pick Mexico? Well, we figured it would be fun and we might actually enjoy the trip.

How'd it go?
The Triathlon was a "Sprint" triathlon, it was a 400 meter swim in the ocean, 12.8 Mile bike ride, and 2 mile run. In Aaron's case it was more like, 400 meter flounder, 12.8 Mile barf fest, and 2 mile walk / run. He loved every minute of it and learned a lot, not only that but he saw some cool stuff along the way:
  • At least 2 dudes that were bigger than himself participating(see red circles)
  • A chick blow a farmer john while riding her bike(depress one or the other nostril, not both, and blow firmly to dislodge mucus, try to miss your arm and shoulder
  • A dude barf twice on his bike without stopping, oh wait, that was Aaron - awesome. It was actually pretty funny, I couldn't believe I did that since I had been so careful with what I ate and drank. It was probably a mixture of the salt water I ingested while swimming and the fact I hadn't eaten for 3 hours. Next time I'll take the 30 seconds to suck down an energy gel pack during the ride AND bring 2 water bottles or a camelback.

As you can see, Aaron has a weak stomach, here's a synopsis of all the sports he's enjoyed tasting his last meal again on:

  • Deep sea fishing when he was 9, yeah mexican twinkies and sunny D- not really the breakfast of champions
  • 4 out of 6 snow ski trips, it took a long time to be able to eat skittles again, that was some rainbow colored bial!
  • Aaron rode his bike to work twice in his life, both times
  • Papago park got to taste his last meal once on a bike ride
  • Once after a particularly fun spinning class - he should have eaten something before going

Lesson learned - drink more water, eat something not too early and not to close to excercising.

Would you do it again?
Heck yeah, it was really fun to spend time with the kids, they were yelling and rooting me on, Zane is actually excited enough that he and I are both doing a triathlon on Thanksgiving morning, this time I won't be sucking in saltwater since it's in a 50 meter heated pool. Having a goal like this was so much better than just dieting, I've still eaten good foods while focusing on being more active. I've lost over 10 pounds in 2 months and am still excercising between 3 and 4 hours a week.
If you decide to sign up for one I highly recommend Eric Harr's book "Triathlon Training in 4 hours a Week", it was a truly inspirational book with just the right kind of plan for someone like me who has never been an athlete. Whether your goal is increasing your rank or just finishing he's got the right plan for you, I've already calendared my next 8 weeks of training using his plans.


The dark stains on the shirt are remnants of Aaron's reverse paristalsis

Yes, extra water, I'm eyeing Zane's water bottle and subsequently take it, but I gave him a hug in return

Aidan worked up a real sweat those last few hundred meters

The kids and Alicia were there at every transition and it was awesome to hear them rooting for me.


SuperCoolMom said...

Woohoo Aaron! Go, Aaron, Go! So glad that you made it home alive!

Lance said...

Better you than me. I am working to get the biggest shadow.
Wait, Maybe i should join you.

And congrats on that whole triathlon thing. Its a lot of work i am sure.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go! that is awesome! i have a blog friend that does triathlons. MAJOR athlete. and he gets bloody nips and pukes and pees blood. GROSS! and trains major. it's crazy, i can't believe you are so hard core. LOVE that swimcap,and bike shorts combo. FOXY!
so awesome to be cheered on by the FAM! holy crap that is exciting! the kids look like they LOVED IT! seriously super impressive! and loved the mental image of the farmer blow. and the record of puking events! CLASSIC! COL(cackle out loud) at the breakfast of Champions!

Crazymamaof6 said...


and in my professional expert blog opinion you have no need of the word verification if you have a private blog.
why do you have a private blog anyway?
you aren't wanting your co workers to um read all about it? and see the man boob shadow? hee hee since all the co workers lurk on my blog i can see why that would be a worry. oh yeah and the president of the company. OY!

OH and my other advise? use labels. on each post, and print it out in a book every once in a while like yearly or more. just my expert opinion, perfect family journal.

Asquared said...

Man Goober(crazymamaof6), I am such a newbie, what the he%* are labels and what's word verification? When Goober has more technical knowledge than someone who's been working on the web for 10 years I guess she really is far more geeky than I.

Asquared said...

Regarding bloody nips - YUCK, I'll puke on myself but blood nips is out of the question, that's why I bought "BodyGlide" although it sounds like a romantic lubricant it is NOT. It is used for eliminating chafing and I highly recommend it if you rub body parts together anywhere. If you ever go to Disneyland load up on some bodyglide and apply generously.

riachik said...

Hey Aaron... I'm glad I found your blog! Congrats on the race and loosing 10 lbs. Thanks for the bodyglide tip. Might want to check McKenna for lice...I think that's when I got my lice. I had my hair braided for spring break in Mazatlan. Though, my friends that took the braids out were poor and certainly capable of giving me piojos! my blog is snozberrysmoothie, not that I update too often :)

laura said...

The bodyglide sounds way better than the bandaids Brent uses. Please fill him in! Good job on the triathlon btw!

Asquared said...

You can also get NIP guards at running stores but all the hair on my chest serves the same purpose :-)

Andrea said...

AWESOME!! Congrats on your triathlon success & weight loss! I think I would've puked way more since I've never participated in a triathlon! Good Job!!! And Good Luck training for the Thanksgiving one!!