Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Retarded Videos Edition

Well, I've been messing around with video editing and trying to branch out into new and creative methods of generating entertaining videos. Until recently my main fare was simply slideshows of the rowdy and boisterous type filled with edgy (yet old) rock music like "Jump" by Van Halen, or "Crazy Train" by Ozzy, although I always mix in something on the other end of the spectrum for the feel good portion of a video, like "Lean on Me".  I was able to incorporate a really old and cheesy song in a recent video called "Mule Skinner Blues", it's great.

As I started to say earlier I branched out to some live video instead of full stills, there's some additional entertainment benefit to seeing the kids running around and they like them even more than slideshows.  Here's a smattering of my most recent masterpieces... well let's stick with "pieces" and you can judge for yourself what kind of piece you'd like to call it.

Attack of the ShirtTards
This is what the boys do when Dad's neglect them in order to focus on Guitar Hero.  Videography by McKenna, ShirtTardedness by Zane and his cousins.  Song is called "Dance of the Mad Bast@&ds" by PWEI -Pop Will Eat Itself.  

"Wassup - Alien Edition"
Ok, my inspiration for this (if you can call it that) was the People Choice Awards website had a link to a new "Wassup" spinoff which is more of a political satire and statement on the state of our economy and the war in Iraq which I don't agree with but in general it was funny.   If you don't know what "Wassup" is than rewind like 8 years to the Super Bowl Budweiser Commercial (This is definitely not an endorsement junk).  The setting is various people saying "What's up", it's so cliche I don't blame you if you barf just being reminded of it.  Long and very lame story short, I decided to replace the actors in the video with scenes for the Aliens movie(all edited of course and rated PG).  Here's my feeble attempt.  Unfortunately live acting doesn't dub over with voices overs as well as cartoons but hey, I wanted Aliens.

All available thanks to YouTube on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AaronatA2

Enjoy, keep a bowl handy. 


Camille said...

ShirtTards totally cracked me up. And my fav was seeing the "failed" screen in the background on the TV. No wonder you were so engrossed with Guitar Hero and not paying attention to the crew. And once I show this video to my kids, I know I'm going to have my own ShirtTards home video--although not as MTV as yours.

Asquared said...

That's awesome, I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, we were having fun with Guitar Hero, I'm getting quite good at being a wanna be guitarist. My goal is to dominate when we finally get around to playing this for a scout activity (once a year they "earn" a game night). But no Scout ShirtTards, that's just messed up.

Riachik said...

The kids say that's funny and they like doing that on the trampoline! I love the Alien's vid!!!!!!!!!! Wazup!

Camille said...

By the way, impressed at your expert status on Guitar Hero. I'm getting pretty good on the drums--but I'm no expert . . . LOL

Asquared said...

I can only do expert on about 8-10 songs that I have confirmed comletions on, last night I got schooled on various songs on my "career" which was a little depressing. I'm going to chalk it up to playing too late and too long :-)

SuperCoolMom said...

too funny. Gosh, I guess I need to put you on my reader, I've been missing out since I don't check often enough.

Asquared said...

@Supercoolmom- Being on the reader is like making someone's speed dial, giddy up!!!!