Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tate Jones is Two!!!

Happy Birthday Tate! We celebrated his birthday a day early on Veteran's day because some of his cousins had earned a trip to Chuck your Cheese we tagged along and partied. I think I'm still feeling the effects of the worst pizza in the world, let's see, here's my rankings of pizza's:
  1. Sourdough Pizza - East Mesa, yum
  2. Barros on a good night
  3. Nellos - pizza crusts appetizers rock also
  4. Pizza Hut Taco Crust (ultra thin crust)
  5. Rosati's Thin Crust
  6. Some pizza I had at a cool place in Detroit - no clue of the name anymore
  7. Freezer pizza's - Tony's, Totinos, Any cheap wad red baron knock off
  8. Way down here you have crap e cheese and peter piper pissa...., I mean pizza.

We had fun with the cousins, here's a picture of the cake we built (tribute to pedro) for Tate:

Here's Tate rockin into his two's!!!!


Andersonland said...

This post made me laugh so hard. First, it made me remember all the times we went to Pistol Pete's Pizza as kids and thought it was so cool, because there was skee ball there. Pistol Petes, is just as "good" as Yucky Cheeses. SEcond, it made me cry because there is NO GOOD PIZZA in New Mexico, really, none. I weep for Barros and Nellos (is that place even open anymore?), really I do.

Asquared said...

lol - YOU are so right, Nello's, they rock, hmmm, might have to change my order of excellent pizza. I think they still have one open on Alma School south of guadalupe / elliot area. I think the one in tempe closed and the one on Brown and Mesa Drive closed a long time ago.

Crazymamaof6 said...

happy birthday TATE! that is one rad cake. and to think it was decorated during a conference call.

we should totally do NEllo's for lunch sometime. although bringing kids doesn't sound delightful. at least barro's has the play room even if they escape every other minute and pierce just leaves the restaurant by himself now.

Tammie said...

Happy Birthday Tate!


SuperCoolMom said...

Your cake looks awesome! Great video! (I think you inherited those videography skills.)

Happy birthday Tate!